15 October 2010

vocabulary #2

budget: presupuesto, calculate anticipated revenues and expenses of an economic activity.
the budget for this loan is very high
invesment. inversion, is related to saving, the location of the capital.
the investment in the metro, it is going to charged to all the Panamanians.

currency: moneda, measure of change in its legal value.
currency exchange of the dollar has decreased greatly these last years
assets: activos, is composed of all property and right.
his house is the last asset of our company
contract: contrato, written voluntary agreement between two persons is common.
i was signing the contract for the loan of your studies
mission: mision, is the motive, purpose or reason for the existence of a person.
the mission of the UAM is to provide higher education quality to all his students.
vision: vision, A guiding theme that articulates the nature of the business and its intentions for the future, based upon how management believes the environment will unfold. A vision is informed, share, competitive and enabling.
the vission of the UAM is being recognized as an educational institution of academic excellence.
proposal: propuesta, A plan that is proposed. The act of proposing. An offer of marriage.
 i have a proposal which you does not resist.
agreement: convenio, agreement adopted in complience with legal formalities.
only an agreement, and the Canal was returned to Panamanian
swot: foda, situacional analysis of happens to the boader or externally.
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate.
personnel. An administrative division of an organization concerned with the body of persons employed by or active in it and often acting as a liaison between different departments.
approval: aprobacion, the act by which an agency accredited persons accept.
your loan has been approved, you can come and get your money.
guarantee: garantia, is a legal business by which aims to provide greater.
this product has seal guarantee 
quality: calidad, basic tool for an inherent property of all kinds.
blu ray movies have good quality
risk: riesgo, legal vulnerability to damage property.
the risk is quite high for people who practice freestyle
strategy: estrategia, is a plan of action to cualqui situation.
business strategy is like a chess match
demographic: demograficas, A portion of a population, especially considered as consumers.
panama demographics can find more on the west side of town
ad:anuncios, message intended to publicize a product.
I do not like television ad
goods: bienes, those who bought at the price paed for it 

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