08 October 2010

cardboard business administration

here we do a review of the most important business administration in our country Panama, in the midle with the Canal of Panama. that is the top of business in panama and around the canal you can see important business that improve and make panama one of the most stable and fantastic conuntry for live...

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  1. Hello Eduardo, here my comments about our cardboard...

    In our cardboard that we wanted to represent our country the most important business the Panama Canal, we also have a large growth in the real estate with the supply of houses and apartments in all prices and preference, the tourist industry (hotels, resorts hostels, etc:), the restaurant industry has also had an important development increasingly diverse restaurants with menus for all tastes, a significant level growth territorial displacement of airlines to almost all parts of the world, we must out the importance of trade with the large number of small and large shopping centers everywhere, agribusiness represented by fishing, farming and animal husbandry have always been part of professional ways to Panamanians, including, health has taken an interesting international developments with the large numbers of hospitals and clinics that offer competitive prices and qualified professionals for all types of treatments.