20 September 2010

Why Listen and Playing music to learn English?

Well  my name is eduardo, better know in the web as munkylan. today I want to talk about the influence of music in life and how i got advantage of music .When you want to star to study English, is because you need it, exist a lot of method that can help you to do it. but today I want to show you how i am learn a little of English listen music and playing guitar at the same time.
Exist allot of band that you can hear in English. All is gone to depend of the type of personality that you have. I like Heavy stuff but I can listen any kind of music. I stared to play guitar when I was young in grown school, my first song was "chop suey" hahaha… really good song for started. right now I love play Heavy stuff like KoRn. This is my favorite group. This people are so professional musician and they do a really energy and powerful music.  
In there lyric they express allot of tension, trouble, trauma and in first time listen to the music you can’t understand the lyric but you can feel the music and that make you understand what is about the song without see the lyric yet. Then when you look the lyric you say, woo this is amazing that what i feel it when a lisen to this music. really hard emotion and that is cool :).

also exit allot kind of music. heavy is not all. there are many different style like pop, punk, symphony, death metal melodic. so in conclusion. my point is that if you like some song artist music in particular. go and search in Google the lyric and star to sign and feel it you gonna change and improve your skill in the language. First you going to listen how the artist say the words. Second you gonna read the lyric listen the artist and last you going to make a good pronunciation of the ever single word of the song. That is what I call Study listen and playing music. 

I am going to try to upload videos with lyric of all kind of music. in that way you are going to see and understand what I am saying... this first one is a easy song because is about god, is spiritual so is not that hard to feel it and singing … later I upload one those death metal melodic music …


  1. there are many ways to learn english. singing is one. do you like to sing?? tell me

  2. yeah i like sing and play guitar. that why my first post was about music, it's my favoritw hobie.